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Tianjiang Pharmaceutical

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Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Pioneer and Leader in Chinese Herbal Extracts




Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd. which is itself under China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (“Sino Pharm”). Since the first pilot facility on TCM decoction, Tianjiang has continuously stayed at the forefront of industrial developments. Tianjiang relies heavily on its research center lead by a member of the National Academy of Sciences and award-winning R&D team. Innovations are aimed at combining TCM classical tradition with modern science and technology to achieve advances in TCM standardization, modernization and internationalization.



The first to research and develop single ingredient concentrated granule herbal extracts



The first in the industry to develop standards on manufacturing process and quality control



The first to pass verification in clinical trials



The first GMP-compliant Chinese granule herbal extract production facility in China



The first to complete a design of industrial system project, with scientific preparatory technology and its realization in industrialization; the work was awarded second prize in National Science and Technology Development.



The first in the granule herb industry to establish an on-site research center lead by a member the National Academy of Sciences.



Led the development of draft of national standards, ISO standards, and American and EU standards on granule herbal extracts.







A Brief History:



In 1992, Tianjiang developed the first plan for the scientific research of Chinese granule herbal extracts.



In 1993, Tianjiang became the first “national reform pilot unit on TCM herbal decoction reform”.



In 1994, the first large-scale clinical verification of granule herbal extracts was jointly initiated by Tianjiang and a consortium of hospitals including the Jiangsu Province Hospital of TCM.



In 2001, Tianjiang was listed in the first batch of “pilot production enterprises on granule herbal extracts” that was approved by China Food and Drug Administration.



In 2002, Tianjiang became the first enterprise to pass the GMP field certification in the Chinese granule herbal extracts industry.



In 2004, Tianjiang published the first Chinese granule herbal extracts identification chromatogram-TLC Color Atlas of Chinese granule herbal extracts in the world.



In 2011, Tianjiang’s “Chinese granule herbal extracts industrialization key technology research and application” project that was declared by Tianjiang was awarded with the Second Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award for the first time in the industry of Chinese granule herbal extracts.



In 2013, Tianjiang establish the first national-level post-doctoral research center on Chinese granule herbal extracts.



In 2014, Tianjiang cooperated with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine to establish the industrial technology research institute of Chinese granule herbal extracts



In 2016, Tianjiang established the only CNAS laboratory in the industry of granule herbal extracts 



In 2016, Tianjiang established the first research center lead by a member of the National Academy of Sciences in the Chinese granule herbal extracts industry.